Happy Father’s Day!

I’d like to wish a very Happy Father’s Day to all the Fathers out there! I’d like to especially my dad, to my father in law Brian, my uncle Charles, wonderful family friend Marcus, Coach Bringle (I don’t have a picture of him) and the many other men in life that helped me become a better man and in turn I’m working hard to be the best father I can be to my daughter!

A beautiful morning in Topeka

My daughter and I spent this beautiful spring morning on an adventure to the Downtown Topeka Farmers Market, where she had to have a lemonade from one stand in particular. We also got some great apple cider from Ree’s Fruit Farm. Following the market, we ventured out to the Palyland at Gage Park, enjoying the swings and stone animals. She even took a picture in front of the stone elephant after I told her that the elephants were her grandma Debbie’s favorite. We then caught the first train of the day, taking a fun ride around the entire park. A lovely morning indeed!