A few thoughts on life

I originally wrote this after a birthday party I photographed last Saturday (9-10)

Earlier this evening, I had the great honor and privilege to photograph the 90th birthday celebration of a very nice gentleman. I enjoy friendships of with many members of his family and today learned I am more connected with this family than I even realized. Today’s event taught me some very important lessons. First, it’s your relationships with others that are truly your lastly legacy. It doesn’t matter how much money or material possessions you’ve amassed throughout your time on this Earth; what you create as far as friendships, relationships, and family along with how you treat others is all that matters. Secondly, this world gets smaller and smaller everyday. You never know how you’re connected to the next man, be it directly or indirectly. Do good for others, not just because you might get something out of it by because it’s the right thing to do! Many thanks again to the entire Roberts family!


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